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KingRoot is a one click rooting tool for 90% of Android phones. After extensive testing on my own device, this tool has rooted it 100% of the time.

If your looking to root your phone, this tool is a MUST. It's easy and fast, sorta what men wish women were  :D

This tool comes in 2 forms, APK and EXE. I personally only use the APK.. it downloads straight to the phone, install/run it, bam, your rooted.

Official website and documentation:

My opinions / pros & cons

  • Fast and easy installation and usage
  • Works on 90%+ of Android phones
  • Works on any O.S
  • Easy to unroot
  • Can use it to add/remove programs from auto-start
  • Can choose which apps get root access and which get restricted
  • Installs as "System App" so if you factory reset your phone without unrooting, your phone is still rooted when it's reset.

  • Comes with a "Purify" app, which I personally dont like or use, My girlfriend however does like it.. so this is a "pro" for some people
  • Comes with optional battery optimizer, which again, I dont like or use.

[Image: mPkepu6.png]
[Image: SSf16im.png]
[Image: gQAKQ85.png]
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