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Thread Contributor: JurijLiveleak videos do not work
Liveleak videos don't show up when you put [video=liveleak][/video] tags around them. I've also tried manually embedding videos, but they don't seem to show up for some reason. This shouldn't be too hard to fix.
I indicated this to Jurij by way of PM earlier, but since this thread is here I'm posting it for anyone else who sees this.

I just looked into this, and it appears to be caused by the HTTPS proxy plugin we're testing for Devilshakerz. LL doesn't do HTTPS, so it doesn't render in the post (being insecure and all). Deactivating changes to Video MyCode templates allows them to be displayed, but only after the user tells their browser to load unsafe scripts, which is not a viable option as the browser will throw a red flag on the SSL for as long as these are loaded. I'm passing this info onto the plugin author.
I won't be implementing the changes at this time as I'm travelling, but my plans for this is to leave Liveleak embedding in its current state. As they do not support SSL content cannot be called securely, which is why the board renders just a link. If we didn't proxy content posted to the board we'd have Mixed SSL across the site, which I feel is both a nuisance, and is likely to generate more suggestions in the future than if this were removed. In this situation, leaving Liveleak embeds such that the following code generates a link is the lesser of two evils. My reccomendation is to include a screencap from the video if you're embedding this content.


This isn't a perfect solution, but until LL gets their act together and adopts SSL, this is the best one we have.
This Suggestion/Feedback has been marked as Denied. This indicates that the changes will not be implemented at this time, nor are there plans to do so in the future. Please review the thread for additional information.
In case anyone reads this - Liveleak now supports SSL finally, which means their embeds will function properly.
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