[TOOL] Terminal/Console Playground Program!
~~~~ Hey everyone ~~~~

Not sure if anybody remembers this but I had a thread on VT talking about how cool it would 
be to have some sort of work space where you could manage different consoles and terminals
when working on projects that could use as such. 

Well, for some silly reason I was too focused on that specific description and never actually thought of 
just searching for an application that features a console playground environment 

(by that I just mean moving around, docking, resizing and customizing multiple consoles
within one single environment/application window)

PowerCMD < direct url to .exe, btw

This program supports multiple consoles as you can see from the image, it allows you to rename and label them
for your own comfort and organisation... as you can see in the image I've utilized that feature by naming my consoles,
and I'm currently using this right now, for work. Just took a break to post this :D

It allows you to customize the consoles individually in terms of color, font-styles and so on.

It also supports:

[Image: maintext.jpg]

It's nothing that wasn't always around, and it's certainly not a very difficult thing to develop;
but nonetheless I'm benefiting from this so far after having found it, and I thought perhaps
somebody else could benefit, similarly.

Have a nice day.
Stuff like this is why I live in Linux haha, but a nice windows solution.
(05-03-2017, 11:31 AM)Dozy Van Wrote: Stuff like this is why I live in Linux haha, but a nice windows solution.

I get what you mean, hehe.

I guess you kinda gotta balance it out, though. If you need windows for majority of what you do, you may as well find alternatives for the things you can't do, or can't do as well as Linux can, at least - like this program. :D

On the other hand, if most of what you do is on Linux, and there's something you need that's on windows, usually you're screwed.

It all depends on the user and what they need each OS for really, I guess
Nice for Windows, though I still rather just have a Linux OS. Thanks for the share, might come in handy with my Windows PC

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