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Important. Vagex registration is NOW openened for only ONE day, 31 august. So register under my referal if yiou can and want make nice money with doing nothing.
Not to be harsh, the method is working I think. The problem is however that I think that if you wouldn't run this on a VPS and your own computer the electricity costs would be higher than what they payout.

If you could run this on multiple VPS's if you already have them for other tasks, that would be a nice extra of course.

Great share nonetheless.
You can run it also on your work, so the electricity is on the costs of your boss.
It seems that registing can only using reflink. I had tried that with a new user. He couldnt register without. Secondly it also require the mailadres from rher eperson who give the reflink.
I dont post my mailadres in public, but for people who want try vaget i can give my mailadres in pm.

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