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Hello Guys this is more of a discussion and my own fix for the error with intel HD graphic cards.

So i have been constantly having trouble with this error lately.

[Image: wddm_timeout.gif]

If you experince this error then you no what im talking about.
So this error is very anoying while playing games what it will do basically is freeze your game during gameplay.
And for some reason only happened to me when i started the game up. The error would even freeze using low quaility settings.
And even using PSX emulators. No matter what quality and settings you use you cannot fix it.

So i tried using the guidline from microsoft themselves and ofcourse this did nothing at all.
Apperantly editing the driver in "REGEDIT" using a new ".reg" as "TrDelay" and setting a value of 8 fixes it.
No it doesn't. So Here is how i fixed this problem and it's very simple.

So this fix is. Reinstall windows 7. Yes windows 7, For some reason there is a problem with the graphics and i know alot.
Of people are having this problem so i thought i'd make a sort post about it.

I went threw every possible step to try and fix it including updating drivers and reinstalling drivers you name it.
Computer settings, lowering graphics and CPU, GPU usage didn't do a thing.

So if you'r having a simular error just install windows 7.

This current error is happening on windows 8, 8.1, 10.

I hope this helps some people out took me a few days to fix this error thanks guys.
An even quicker solution : buy a new machine.
I mean there's probably a more technical and specific reason as to why this happens... and its remedy may not necessarily be a complete re-installation.

The error depends on quite a few variables within the PC, but this is a good generic fix, so I will try this if in doubt.
Thanks for sharing :)
is it similar to kernel driver error? or?

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