[TUT] Ebook DRM Removal - Works on Amazon Kindle books and eTexts
A Quick Note
Please note that the following tutorial does not condone the removal of DRM, as this could be against the law in your country. This serves as an archive of how one might go about removing DRM from an eBook/eTextbook if permitted by law.

With that being said, it is my personal opinion that DRM is pointless, antiquated, and only drives to more piracy than it's supposed to prevent. Regarding content that is posted here, we assume that any electronic texts (any other content) linked in this section is/are provided by content owners or those who have permission to redistribute this information. No content listed in this section is hosted by VigilanteTech. Any DMCA's will need to be filed in accordance with the policies outlined in our Terms of Use.

The following is a barebones outline of the methodology employed by many eBook pirates to obtain DRM-free PDF copies of text from Amazon through rentals, 7-day trials of a text, or through an Overdrive subscription at their local library. This methodology is also popular near the start of semesters for college students on a budget.

Requirements Steps
  1. Install Calibre.
  2. Modify mobidedrm.py within ApprenticeAlf's DeDRM plugin for Calibre.
    • Comment out or remove these lines.
      if val406 != 0:
      raise DrmException("Cannot decode library or rented ebooks.")
    • Save the modified mobidedrm.py   
    • Rezip the folder, as Calibre needs to import the entire zip.
  3. Install both the DeDRM plugin included in ApprenticeAlf's tools and KindleUnpack following these steps.
  4. Obtain ebook with DRM.
  5. Import Ebook into Calibre.
    • DRM is removed from the copy stored in your Calibre library.
    • If Kindle format (.azw3, .azw4) - continue, otherwise you're done.
  6. Select the book you need to convert.
  7. Click the toolbar button for KindleUnpack to unpack the file to PDF or EPUB.

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