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Hello all and welcome to the Vigilante Gaming group thread. I'm proud to finally be able to kickstart this group. This is very exciting and I hope you are excited as well. As opposed to the requirements to join the group on Ubers, I won't be making any absurd requirements to join the one here at Vigilante. It's all about the community and whether you're a console gamer, PC gamer or handheld gamer, you are welcome here. This group isn't intended to be some elitist group where you can join and brag about how cool you are and how your platform is better than the other. This is a group that will welcome everyone who is willing to participate and make our community grow. Don't be alarmed, not everyone will be able to join. This group is open-minded, but there are some requirements which must be met and some rules which must be followed. I'll get to that later on in this thread. Suggestions are very much welcome in the form of PM to me here, on Steam or in the future Discord channel.

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  • You will join a caring community, which is centered around gaming and where you can find new friends.
  • Your voice can and will be heard. This group is very open-minded and all suggestions will be carefully read and thought through.
  • You will be able to participate in gaming nights and giveaways that are exclusive to the group.
  • A cool gaming tag/badge will appear below your name (only if the group becomes an official one, which it can't do without your support! Together we can make it happen!).
  • You will be able to join elite groups for specific games that are going to compete in tournaments.
  • You can join our official Steam group.

Isn't that great? I personally think so and I have high hopes for this group. If you are looking for new friends to play games with, but would prefer not to join any group, you can post in the Find a gaming partner! thread. Now that the benefits are out of the way, let's get on to the perhaps more important stuff, which are rules and requirements. Below you'll find all the requirements necessary to join this group. I reserve the right to change these requirements (and the rules) at any given time. You as the community can contact me through Steam, VT or our Discord channel.

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  • You need at least one high quality thread about gaming. High quality meaning reasonable formatting, no copy-pasting other people's thread, no copy-pasting an article and linking it as the source at the bottom with nothing else and no "who plays this" or "what's your opinion on this game" type of threads. Threads that you have posted on other forums are accepted as well as long as you can prove that it is you. The ideal type of thread would be a tutorial. Depending on the subject at hand, a tutorial thread can be finished quickly and with relative ease.
  • You will need at least 50 games in your library if you are a PC gamer, 20 if you are a console gamer and 10 if you game on handheld devices. If you only play MMORPG games or MOBA games (i.e. one-two major online games that aren't connected to markets such as Steam) then a picture or link to your profile should be sent in to me where it will be judged. I'm very open. All I ask for is that activity can be seen.
  • Basic knowledge about the five most popular gaming genres (RPG, RTS, FPS, MOBA, MMORPG). Can't honestly call yourself a gamer if you don't know these genres.
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If you can fulfill all of the requirements listed above, then you can join the group. However, before getting accepted, you have to post in this thread. Include a link to your high quality thread, provide a picture/screenshot of your 50/20/10 games or a screenshot of your progress in your MOBA/MMORPG/etc game i.e. if you're playing a MOBA game you could post your rank and if you're playing a MMORPG game you could provide a screenshot of your in-game hours or your inventory and finally you have to share your knowledge about all the major gaming genres. Do not just copy from Wikipedia. A description that is 2-3 lines long of each major genre is enough. Please use the following template:

Link to HQ thread:
Picture/Screenshot proof:
Describe the RPG genre:
Describe the RTS genre:
Describe the FPS genre:
Describe the MOBA genre:
Describe the MMORPG genre:

After you've posted this, you will be evaluated and you will receive an answer via PM.

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  • Members who have been inactive for 4+ months will be removed from the group. Continuous activity on either the Discord channel, Steam group or the forum must be seen. Just stopping by the channel to prove that you're alive or playing a game with another member is also enough.
  • Harassing users because of race, gender, sexual preference, age, religion and platform (PC, console, handheld) is strictly forbidden and will result in a warning. Three strikes and you are out of the group and won't be able to join again for minimum 4 months maybe more depending on the severity.
  • Posting any information on other people in the group or otherwise is strictly forbidden and will NOT be tolerated. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • Cheating on game nights/tournaments will result in a ban for the next three game nights/tournaments. If this issue persists i.e. it happens twice, you will be removed from the group and not be able to join again for minimum 4 months. Cheating is in no way tolerated. Don't do it.
  • Selling/trading/giving keys/bundles/etc is prohibited on the Discord channel. You can do it here on the forum, there are specific sub-forums that are made for that. Trading or hosting giveaways is allowed on the Steam group or on the forum, there are sub-forums just for that. 
  • No referral or affiliate links/codes on the Discord channel, Steam group or the forum without explicitly stating that your link/code is a referral or affiliate link/code.
  • No begging for games on the Discord channel, Steam group or the forum. By doing so, you will get a temporary ban from the next game night, tournament and giveaway.
I reserve the right to change these requirements (and the rules) at any given time!

NOTICE: Do NOT post in this thread for any reason other than joining the group, which you should use the above template for! Please respect this.

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