Imagine this scenario
Let's say you are given a task to code the most advanced thing you can but without using the internet or any documentation about it. What would that thing be?
Are your stipulations limiting my ability to connect to web services that I'm familiar with, or simply there to mean "no assistance"?
Hard to say. I can't say I don't look up stuff on the internet, but I would do pretty good without it.
A CRM of some sort - made one so many times that I've perfected my dev-flow from my own mistakes, and those of other developers. I'm not sure if my own notes and auto-scripts count as docs, but I could manage without them, too.

Edit: It would just take longer.
Well I would imagine, If I was going to make the most advanced thing I can, I would already have prior knowledge on the subject.
But most of the time I do use documentations to double check my work. Especially when working with a programming language I don't use on a daily basis.
Without assistance, you would have pure creativity. I can't say I don't look up examples for some of my work.

Back to the topic, it would probably be web designed based. Since I have a strong understanding of various markup/stylesheet languages, js/jquery, and etc.
A 1 + 1 application.

honestly I refer to old code all the time/DuckDuckGo searches I doubt I would make it far without.

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