KingRoot - One click android rooting tool
KingRoot is a one click rooting tool for 90% of Android phones. After extensive testing on my own device, this tool has rooted it 100% of the time.

If your looking to root your phone, this tool is a MUST. It's easy and fast, sorta what men wish women were  :D

This tool comes in 2 forms, APK and EXE. I personally only use the APK.. it downloads straight to the phone, install/run it, bam, your rooted.

Official website and documentation:

My opinions / pros & cons

  • Fast and easy installation and usage
  • Works on 90%+ of Android phones
  • Works on any O.S
  • Easy to unroot
  • Can use it to add/remove programs from auto-start
  • Can choose which apps get root access and which get restricted
  • Installs as "System App" so if you factory reset your phone without unrooting, your phone is still rooted when it's reset.

  • Comes with a "Purify" app, which I personally dont like or use, My girlfriend however does like it.. so this is a "pro" for some people
  • Comes with optional battery optimizer, which again, I dont like or use.

[Image: mPkepu6.png]
[Image: SSf16im.png]
[Image: gQAKQ85.png]
[Image: OsE4Gyv.png]

I tend to have devices supported by CF-Auto-Root so I use that instead, but this is an excellent option as well. Even a complete novice can root their devices using this.

The Purify app that ubersaki has mentioned is designed to optimize your battery life when it's in use.
Just try and not do the mistake i did, download Kingoroot instead of Kingroot.
After it was done rooting, my phone's theme has been turned into IOS's, my phone started overheating, google made me do captcha every time i googled something and my phone would randomly phone(haha) back to China for whatever reason. Oh and also i couldn't install any super user app.

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