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I would like to suggest an easier reputation system. I know I haven't been online for some time but I'm back.

I couldn't find where to rep members. Maybe it's just me or because my account doesn't have enough posts?
Anyways, I think that is is pretty difficult for new members to rep someone so is that something that needs to be fixed or not?
It doesn't bother me personally a lot, but for future members it might become a problem.
if im not mistaken, you are required to have some amount of posts in order to hand Rep to someone. as a normal member, you're only allowed to give +1 rep or -1 And i think that new members shouldn't be able to give reputation to someone unless they verify themselves and become "trustworthy" members with their posts. Otherwise they would randomly spam Reputations so it's kinda useless.
The above user mentioned some of the reasons for this rule. You'll find more specific information in the helpdocs. 

[Image: 481fc112b58e4973b24a2345c0e73fe0.png]

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Too add to what Baredee has posted, I've currently relaxed those rules until the board picks up, however those are presently the intended reputation rules. Currently I think its 15 posts, 1 thread. Once our numbers rise we'll either return to the original numbers or make an adjustment.
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