Thread Contributor: Bish0pQCheap Humblebundle for future game developers
Hi everyone,

Probably many of you know this site, but they have a pretty interesting deal now. For people who are in to game developing, the humble bundle contains the pro version of Gamemaker Studio. Now I know, this isn't exactly the best game engine in the world but for 20$ you get the pro version + a lot of extra modules.

In total the software of Gamemaker Studio with it's modules is worth over 500$ (it includes the modules Android, IOS, HTML5 export).

That's a pretty good deal if you ask me. They did make a few good games in that engine though.

Link to humblebundle:
Link to Gamemaker price list:
Link to Gamemaker games:
Missed the bundle last year but i will be getting it this time for sure. Thanks.

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