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Hey Vigi!

Back on Ubers I made a userscript for Paidverts to help clicking ads and completing the 3 captcha's.
I've been updating the script ever since and it's still working!

Since this is a userscript, you'll need a browser extension that can run it.
Firefox: Greasemonkey
Google Chrome: Tampermonkey

The latest version can be found on Github.
After installing the userscript, make sure to visit the settings page HERE.
You can customize the settings to fit your needs.

Suggestions are welcome, feedback as well!
Looks good, I'll try this out! I have seen it before on Ubers and might have used it than, but I'll try it out and leave some feedback!

Thank you for sharing this of course!
As small warning. Using such tools can lead to a ban.
Secondly earning currently using PV is badly. I did stop with the site and gave away my account now some months ago.

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