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Thuru comes in
only 301.50 euros? i remember you created thread about Golden Battles 2-3 years ago.. and within this time you could make 300 euros only? thought you had earned over grands...
I have an account worthy more than 2000 euro. I have often reinvested money in GB. On this moment GB runs not very good, but i hope on better times. If more people join and get active then that time really comes.

Other point is that admin dont advertise the game, so its almost only what come in from refs (or from heard about the game or whatever.

The game is profitable, it depends how you play.
yeah but still man.. only 300 profit within 3 years? what's the point of reinvesting continually if you get almost 0 profit? i don't get it..
Again, i did reinvest until let say half year ago, after that i did withdraw and as i said, the game must have more players, so it will be go better.
Before that i did buy gameshare, buy gameshares and buy gameshares. I have now 20331 gameshares, if i dont count the admin, i own arround 40% of all gameshares. admin have arround 94-95% of all gameshares so i have in real arround 2%
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