Set up a simple HTTP server on your phone through Termux
Hi everyone,

So I found this pretty usefull, since it doesn't require a lot of apps and downloading is easy. It's very basic though and you can also use apps for this.

Step 1: Download Termux from Google Play
Termux is a terminal app for Android. It doesn't require root and is a pretty good terminal application.

Step 2: First we'll install python because we will be using the built-in HTTPserver from python. Type in the following code:
apt install python
Step 3: Get your IP by typing in the following command (you will be using the IP as a URL):
Step 4: Type in the following code for starting the HTTP server:
python -m http.server 8080
You can change the port to whatever you want.

Step 5: In a browser of choice, type in the IP with ":" and the port number behind that.
For example:

That's it, now you can download files from your phone through your webbrowser. Not a very detailed, difficult tutorial but usefull for some people.

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