What phones do you guys have?
Hello everyone,

What phone do you have and what OS/version are you running? Is your phone rooted or not?

I currently have an LG K8, which is okay, I just hate the 8GB storage. The phone itself runs pretty fast though. The phone can't be rooted (easily) yet, but I'm going to try and root it again later.

Do you guys run custom builds or just Android?
iPhone 4. :)
Pixel XL.
I've been a big fan of Google's devices since first getting my Nexus 6. I'm fond of the Pure Nexus ROM.
I am using the LG G3s at the moment, but i don't know for how long, it has shown some signs of bootlooping. Afterwards i would probably buy some cheap-o android burner phone or whatever. I don't really use the phone that often other than to make phone calls and send SMS so any phone would work for me.
I should also mention that I've got my old Nexus 6 running Lineage OS, and it's beautiful. It's my travel device for work conferences and only uses apps from F-Droid. I'm amazed at how robust the ROM is and how much life it's breathed back into the device.
I have a OnePlus running Cyanogen mod.
I have been a huge fan of the "BLU" company for the past 4-5 years... I got a blu life one x2... plenty of storage, octocore processors its fast and runs android.. It is rooted of course. For $200 USD you cant beat it.
Currently got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, was really torn between that and the Google Pixl - Might go for the Pixl when my contract ends!

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