Project thread
I thought it might be interesting to post a thread where we could swap ideas for computing-related projects.

A couple of things I'm working on:
  • Get some new networking gear
    I've got a small load of Ubiquiti gear coming my way. I'm looking at moving some clients to their UniFi line in the future pending how testing goes. Currently have UniFi PRO Access Point, a Unifi Security Gateway, a UniFi Cloud Key, and a Unifi Switch 8-60W being delivered so I can learn their platform and see how I like it.

  • Test out Comodo One
    I'm not a big Comodo fan, especially after the shit they pulled in trying to Trademark the phrase "Let's Encrypt". However, Comodo One is a free RMM platform that I might consider using for family support. If you're looking to go paid for professional use I recently worked with a group who were using Atera. For a Windows-only shop it was a pretty nice solution that was affordably priced.

  • Spin up some new VMs
    I still need to build a Win 10 1607 image for some testing, Spin up a couple of Server 2012 R2 VMs and test Symantec's ITMS. I'm more of a SCCM guy, but I may have some contract work lined up to help out a buddy who's in over his head. It would definitely benefit me to get some familiarity with the platform before getting my boots on the ground.
I am working on attacking RF signals

I wanna get my hands on a HackRF and a few differnet WIFI home security systems and see if I can break into them. Make them go off when no doors have been opened or not go off when a door gets opened etc. At the moment I need about 450$ to get this at the minimum and dont have that much :C
I am currently working on tons of projects. Not all even important though. I love coding so most of my projects are tools I'm building though I am also building a few websites.

A portfolio website and a website which would allow remote booting on specific times. Also some various other online websites (online exploiter...)
If I finish a project I won't forget to put it here.

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