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Top notch humor, Sith. You are almost as funny as Socks and Techlab.

Anyway, I don't want to mention any names but there are already people with relatively a lot of posts, 80% of them being useless posts. I mean, it's really, really simple. Either you post something constructive or you don't post anything. I don't want to be an asshole, but this isn't some new country you are building from the ground up. I don't get why you are so hesitant. Not encouraging shitposts has worked for other forums. You can ask Dozy to compare animebytes to the old Ubers. The old Ubers was a dumpster, a turd with icing, compared to animebytes. AB controls posts in some of their forums but not all. It worked out perfectly fine for them. It's simple. Either you try to encourage high quality posts and improve upon the old Ubers or you can not do anything, wait for this Ubers to fall, mourn the loss and then repeat. It's your choice. There's nothing to define here. A shitpost doesn't contribute in any way or form. There's a definition. A post doesn't need new information in order to be considered a high quality post. You can contribute in other ways. And if someone thinks their post has been wrongfully removed then they can make an appeal.

I don't know what else to say, seems painfully simple to me.
I've already reached a decision on this matter, but left this topic open for additional time so that other members could comment and express their views. It seems this didn't gather too many new voices, however.

We're leaving our current practices in place. Ubers was about the community, not having everything being 100% cookie-cutter or almost robotic with nothing but critique being posted on threads. If you think that'll cause the forum to fail, then so be it; you are certainly entitled to this opinion. However, I don't perceive this matter as being a potential issue, nor does my STAFF. You mention hesitance in your previous posting, there is no hesitance on my part - it simply won't be happening here. I've been trying to not respond and immediately lock as thread as crazy4cs used to. I'd like to get more opinions and feedback before I present my stance, to ensure that those in the community wishing to speak up would have their voices heard, and that their concerns might be addressed at the same time.

We've tried the a form of the HQ/constructive posts only methodology at VSec; you end up with a forum with no member interaction, but everyone hitting a like button. I've never been a fan of the like button, I've always despised it for taking the member interaction out of the equation. However, as we've outlined already, some prefer to show appreciation in that manner rather than comment, hence it has been left in place. Given that we do not employ a "5 posts to view full thread" plugin as was on Ubers, I do not anticipate our low-quality post count being so high. Even when those posts were present on UB, they were addressed when reported by members. When I first took over as a STAFF member, I cleared out a queue of 300 such reports.

While you may have felt that the old Ubers was a "dumpster, a turn with icing" in comparison to a private anime tracker forum - I couldn't care less, as that is your preference and is none of my business. Many of us appreciated the Ubers community, and that's why the majority of us gathered. This is what the path VigilanteTech is on has always been about. Forums like you find on private trackers aren't what we're building here; people are worth talking to, even if others might not agree on the details of how that communication takes place. In your previous post, you've remarked on how you feel that 80% of certain members' posts you feel are useless -- meanwhile roughly a third of your posts have been dedicated to critiquing "everything possible so far". That's a direct quote from a couple of users who pointed out previously that you seem to be active in this forum in a manner they felt was excessive. Again, I couldn't care less - everyone has different tastes and expectations from boards; it's part of the experience. As I indicated to those users who came forward and will now publicly state in a plain manner, as long as it's relevant and not against the forum rules on conduct, spam, post-quality, etc. - then there's no issue with someone posting what they want, where they want, when they want. Ubers would not have been as enjoyable without the user interaction in threads, which did not always involving additional information being added, or something being critiqued. Sometimes you just want to recognize someone's hard work by saying, "Well done." If someone puts the effort into a thread and dedicated the time to write that for the community, then I feel they're entitled to any thanks that users wish to send their way.

In the end, you can't please everyone. The forum team has reached a decision and it will be enforced. We do not share the same definition of shitposting as provided in this suggestion, and will not be implementing here on the board, especially on a category-by-category basis. Take note that forums like the Lounge already receive less than the default value of points per post, which other sections like Hacking Tutorials might receive double the points per post as an additional means to promote activity in other sections. We define low-quality posting as that which is completely off-topic, is spammy in nature, is poorly formatted purposely, or is posted with the explicit purpose of adding nothing to the discussion. This type of posting should be reported, and if found to be valid would be removed by the forum team. Always remember before reporting: while you might not see the purpose in a post, another user might. The forum team will use their judgement in such scenarios. As always, too many false reports would result in a one-on-one discussion regarding our policies, and further false reports would result in action against that user such as warnings, account limitings, removal of the ability to report posts, or potentially banning.
I can't read this all compeltly but I get your point with the shit posts, maybe this does happend cause of "Reply first before you can see thread" stuff, but I think albus got this covered.
But a great suggestion!
I'm not trying to critique everything possible, I'm trying to point out the many flaws Ubers had and how you can improve. This is no personal attack just so you know, all I have done so far was suggest different solutions to different problems. But I guess continous critique isn't your or anyone else's cup of tea - fair enough. However, no matter what you do, if you can't improve upon the old Ubers, your forum will end up in the dumpster because the current differences between this forum and the old one are subtle at best. Sure, it's about the community, but what kind of community are you exactly trying to build? A community with 100k members and barely 100 high quality members or 2k members with the majority being high quality. You want your community to grow, right? Well then show people Ubers is special. Shitposts won't attract any high quality members.

You obviously love the Ubers community. Perhaps a bit too much. Don't let nostalgia swallow you. I'm sure that in time you will see, but I guess this is it for now though. Your forum, your choices. Just remember that change shouldn't be frowned upon. You can change something you love and make it even better or you can leave it as it is, in a working state, but never enjoy the new, fresh qualities of the new version.
(07-25-2016, 02:21 PM)Jurij Wrote: I'm not trying to critique everything possible, I'm trying to point out the many flaws Ubers had and how you can improve. This is no personal attack just so you know, all I have done so far was suggest different solutions to different problems. But I guess continous critique isn't your cup of tea - fair enough.

I was merely providing an example of a recent event from PM's I had recieved. I'm perfectly fine with critique - especially so if you notice an issue in the board's CSS. It's an essential part of growth, and shaping the board - that's not being debated here. I started out on BBS' in '95 or so, so I've seen many communities come and go. Based upon my experiences in that time you certainly bring some valid points to the table, but mine have been formed do the events I've seen unfold previously. Regarding this particular matter, while we're not moving in that direction as strongly as you're suggesting, our stance is relatively similar. Using tutorials and responses in those threads as an example, while quality over quantity is preferable all users are inherently equal, and I would not isolate or alienate a collection of users due to their potential lack of understanding at that time. We all start as noobs. It's only by feeling integrated with the community that users stick around and begin to grow in their own knowledge and skills from our resources. Not everyone will make the same progress, but for those that do the journey will be wonderful to experience, and rewarding for the others who may then reap the benefits going forward.

(07-25-2016, 02:21 PM)Jurij Wrote: However, no matter what you do, if you can't improve upon the old Ubers, your forum will end up in the dumpster because the current differences between this forum and the old one are subtle at best. 

Regarding this, changes will come over time, this is certain. However, they will not occur all at once as we take our first steps into rebuilding. As time permits I'll be knocking out several projects going forward. As I'm very busy in my personal life and will be learning new skills along the way, projects may take longer than I'd initially like. In the end we'll make appropriate progress in appropriate time.

It seems that if this thread stays open we'll wind up spinning our wheels. If there are any questions/concerns - shoot me a PM and I'll update the thread for clarity. Closing this now.
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