Thin client
So I have a thin client, which I bought quite a while back.
Now I know that these things aren't really meant to run a standalone OS, but rather to connect to a VPS, but still I want to fuck around with it.

The biggest issue is that it has a VIA processor, which is pretty rare and unknown. Now I tried a shitload of OS' on this machine, even just CLI OS' like Debian server, ubuntu server.
Also very small OS' like TinyOS but it all didn't run. For some weird reason, when I booted Kali from USB, it worked perfectly.

Anyone knows what distro I can run apart from Kali?

The specs are here:

Yes, you saw it right, a 1GB SSD, mine is even just 512MB. There is nothing much to work with, but I still want to turn it in something usefull.

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