WannaCry Ransomware
I'm sure many of you may have heard about this ransomware, but check this out:

Apparently the media 'pored' through all kinds of leads and sources until they identified the person responsible
for allegedly 'stopping' the malware - meaning preventing further machines from being infected.

He also tweeted that the journalists were doxing him lol... why? Just because he doesn't want to reveal his identity?


I'm kind of enraged - I don't know if there are pieces of this story that I may be missing, but the man contributed to a noble cause, at least
let him keep his privacy >.>

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Quote:It’s worth noting that in stopping WannaCry, MalwareTech has pissed off some very unsavory people. And now his name, age, appropximate location, and details of his family are in the public domain because a bunch of sleazy, shitty tabloids wanted some clicks.

I've been reading his Twitter the past few days. I've followed him for the past few years, but never expected he'd get this much publicity - then again, neither did he. He said it himself, he had no idea what registering the domain would do. The fact that the spreading stopped was a happy accident on his part.

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