How to Remove Logos from Clothing in Photoshop (YouTube)

How to Remove Logos from Clothing in Photoshop

Labels and graphics on clothing can be distracting or unwanted in a photograph. Clients will often want logos removed - especially if they are from a competing brand. Sometimes it is better to remove them completely. 

Learn how to remove logos from clothing in today’s episode.

Copy Texture & Patterns

At times, logos are placed over textures and patterns on clothing. These textures need to be replaced when removing a logo. 

To replace a texture or pattern, look for a similar pattern on another area of clothing. 

Create a new layer and use the Clone Stamp Tool to sample the “good” texture and paint it onto the new layer. Be sure that “Sample - Current & Below” is checked in the settings for the Clone Stamp Tool. 

Once the pattern has been duplicated to a new layer, transform it into place using CTRL/CMD+T. Try lowering the opacity of the layer to see where it will cover. 

If necessary, do this multiple times from different areas of clothing to fully cover the logo. 

After copying the texture from one area to another, you may need to alter it slightly. Use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to change color and lightness. Use a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer to lower contrast and darken a texture. 

To make an adjustment layer only effect the layer underneath it, right-click on the adjustment layer and click on “Create Clipping Mask”

Don’t forget the Brush Tool!

When working with large patches of color, sometimes the best tool for the job is the Brush Tool. While it is not great for replicating patterns and textures, it can be used to quickly color large areas. 

Start off with a small brush and remove just the logos by sampling the colors around it (ALT/OPTN+CLICK to sample). When you are done painting the smaller areas, make the brush large and soft-edged and paint in to blend the colors in with the clothing. 

I had to touch up an image today and came across this useful tutorial - thought I'd share it here in case anyone else has a need. I've checked out this YouTube channel and they have quite a few useful tutorials. The instructor seems to do an excellent job of articulating themselves clearly and concisely.

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