[Video] Cultural Diferences in SocialEngineering
Tomohisa Ishikawa ius a security consultant from Japan who gave this talk at DEF CON 24's SE Village. It provides some insights in to why some cultures may be more resistant to social engineering, and other methodologies may be required.

Quote:As a Japanese security consultant, one of my research questions in social engineering is whether or not cultural difference becomes the barrier for social engineering. It is because the malicious practice of social engineering is different between in Japan and the U.S. I think it is true. Since I have the both experience of being the company in Japan and the U.S., I would like to consider various technique of social engineering from both cultural glasses, such as tailgating, phishing or vishing method. In my talk, I would like to discuss the workability of several social engineering techniques from both Japanese and U.S. culture. It will support the cultural difference can become the barrier or vulnerable weakness.

BIO: Tomohisa Ishikawa is a Japanese IT security consultant with seven years of experience. He is specialized in penetration testing, incident response, vulnerability management, secure development, and security education. He has various experiences in leading domestic and international IT security consultation projects, and many opportunities to teach security essentials, secure programming, and secure design. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, and several certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, CFE, QSA and GIAC (GPEN, GWAPT, GXPN, GWEB, GSNA, GREM, and GCIH). He is also in a doctoral program where he will obtain his Ph.D. degree.

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