Cloudflare, SSL, PHP 7 glitches, the admin goes AWOL, and malicious laundry
Hello everyone.

I wanted to drop a quick line to inform you of some server happenings. Recently Cloudflare got in in the way of the Let's Encrypt renewal, breaking SSL. Your fly-by-night admin decided that since he had to fix that, he'd also do a server upgrade. As a result of the upgrade we're now running PHP 7 as opposed to PHP 5. Unfortunately, it looks like we may not have all of the required PHP extensions to keep the board running at its fullest.

A couple of issues we've noticed so far:
  • The Mentions plugin had to be disabled
  • The image proxy plugin had to be disabled
  • Icons have disappeared in the User CP
  • Thread icons have disappeared
  • Some ACP icons have disappeared
  • The close your own thread plugin is not PHP 7 compatible and was deleted entirely (board wouldn't render pages otherwise)
  • The tab plugin had issues. These seemed to be related to the same issue as the icons disappearing.
All in all, it's just a few growing pains that will force us to make better plugin choices going forward. For the tabs, we've simply removed the plugin. That was the last bit of Omni's code running on this site, so we may look at replacing it with a different plugin in the future, or doing some theme work - we'll just have to see. The icons missing is annoying, but a fix will be tracked down...soon. Ideally, I'd find a fix in the next day or two at most, however, I'm going to be away on Holiday until July 7th. Yes, your fearless leader is going away for a bit on a series of pub crawls diplomatic mission in a far away place. While I could revert the board back a few snapshots, we'd lose some posts and messages, and I don't have time to merge recent content with that of the older snapshot.

While I'm away, Baredee will be running the show with some help from everyone's favorite article of clothing, Socks.

Effective immediately, Socks is being promoted to the rank of Guard. He's been an excellent member throughout Ubers history, has been instrumental in running our Discord, is the number one bug catcher I've ever worked with, and has been a wonderful friend in the years prior. I have nothing but trust and respect for him, and am looking forward to his contributions to the board. I hope that everyone will welcome him to the team. This position will allow him light moderation duties across the board. He won't have access to edit user posts or see IPs, but he can cleanup threads and posts as needed using a variety of moderation tools. Unlike on UB, I won't be limiting his reach to just the lounge. Spam occurs everywhere, and it's important for the forum team to have the proper access required in order to fight the good fight.

I leave you all in very capable hands - I'll see you all in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for the kind words! I'll be sure to keep the forum in tip-top shape for your return.
Congratulations Socks!

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