PDO ODBC For MSSQL Connection?
Has anybody here ever successfully installed a PDO ODBC driver for Linux, and then successfully connected to an MSSQL Server?

I've been trying to do this for 2 days now. :l

Pls, gib guide.

Doesn't even have to be ODBC, as long Laravel understands the connection :D

I've probably broken a good 8 VPSs by now, trying to accomplish this.

The guides online are ambiguous and predominantly focus on hosting an SQL Server on the OS itself, as opposed to connecting from it to an external MSSQLDB.

I found two vids on YouTube, but they're annoyingly low quality and the guy sounds like he not only doesn't understand what he's saying, but he doesn't
even understand what it is that he doesn't understand.


Yeah, any assistance is appreciated.
(Ubuntu 16.04 VPS)


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