The Changes and the Big Announcement, Part 2
So, today is September 29th, and it's as good a day as any for an announcement like this.

The big thing

I will be getting directly to the point here in short and then go into a bit more details as to why has so happened.

Much like crazy4cs at the end of Ubers, I have been really got a lot inactive on VigilanteTech the past six months. There are some personal and professional reasons for this, but it all boils down to not having enough hours in the day to tend to all my responsibilities, projects, and other affairs. In order to lighten my load, I've elected to hand over the reigns on a couple of projects. Yes, the board is among those. It is my hope that under different leadership the community's ranks will continue to grow.

However, unlike at the end of Ubers, you won't be transitioned to a new forum, a new URL, or a new platform - at least, not by my hand. The board will remain right where it is.

What does this mean?

VigilanteTech will remain open for the foreseeable future. However, I'll be stepping down as the owner and administrator. I'll be handing off the reigns to the forum team member who has ample time to tend to get the site rolling once again. As for what happens next, that's up to the new management.

I'm handing total control over to @TheEvilSocks. He's been instrumental in bringing together many of the members from Ubers to our little board.

What is changing? Is anything being transferred? Is VT being sold?

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I, Albus, formerly of, formerly of, and current Administrator of Vigilante.Tech hereby willingly resign my post and transfer all ownership, responsibilities, inherited licenses, and intellectual property associated with the community to TheEvilSocks.

As my replacement TheEvilSocks has been provided with a database backup, a copy of all of the board's files, a backup of the theme, and all assets that I have been able to retrieve from various archives and backups.

This transfer is not the result of any sale, but rather a gift to a willing recipient.

Following this resignation, I will no longer be affiliated with the board, its operations, or the direction taken by its new owner.
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But what about Upgraded (UB Plus) Members? Will paid memberships be then voided (discarded)?

I cannot answer this. This is now @TheEvilSocks' responsibility.

What's next? Will you be around the board?

I'll certainly be around the board in a member capacity as time permits. In fact, I believe that not being responsible for the board's operations will encourage a higher level of interaction with the community. There's no desire on my part to be anything than a contributor - that's where I did some of my best work on Ubers, and I feel its a proper place for me here.

I'll see you around.
To fill up on the Upgraded Membership question: Anyone who currently has an upgraded membership rank will continue to keep their rank.
I've currently closed new membership payments until I figure out where I want to go with that.

A bit on what's to be expected next:
I'll be doing a lot of performance updates, as you may have noticed, with the transfer to the new server, a lot of pages have a slow load time.
Expect things to break the coming week: There's a lot I am going to fiddle with, this may go from something small like css changes, up to editing the MyBB core. But that's mostly behind the scenes stuff.

What will be different?
In terms of normal forum usage, nothing really. We'll still be the old VigilanteTech forum, but we're gonna get some new and active development. I've got some great ideas I want to implement in this forum which will increase usability and (hopefully) the activity.

I'll always be open to feedback, how harsh or loving it might be. If there's anything urgent you want to discuss, hit me up on the Discord server
I haven't checked here in ages, surprised it's still kicking.

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