Anyone built a RetroPie?
I'm thinking about finally putting one of these together for some kids in the family to play some old titles on. Anyone else here tinkered with the project?
Looks interesting enough to try out in the near future. Let's see if I can use this as excuse to use my college's resources to build an arcade machine.
Are you gonna do full-out (3d print/build entire casing), or just keep it simple (just hook it up and hide it behind something)?
(11-06-2017, 02:35 PM)TheEvilSocks Wrote: (just hook it up and hide it behind something)?

I have access to a couple of 3D printers, but I don't like the owners enough to arrange to use them. I'm just going to pick up a cheap case to pop this in. Currently, I'm thinking that I'll use this one:

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