Member of the year - 2017
[Image: MOTY.png] Member of the Year 2017 [Image: MOTY.png]

It's almost the end of the year. Or it might already be 2018, depending on how soon late after posting you read this.
That means it's time for the annual Member of the Year awards. Now, I know, the forum hasn't been around for a year yet. But who does a 'Member of the Year' award in July?!

Nominations will close on January 31st 2018 23:59 UTC. Nominations posted after that date will be discarded and ignored.
A little less than a week later, February 5th 2018 the voting will start. This will last for another two weeks, until the 18th of February 2018.
The winner will be awarded the [Image: MOTY.png] Member of the Year award, which they can keep forever.

Guidelines for nominating
  • You cannot nominate yourself as one of the candidates. You can only nominate other members.
  • The member you wish to nominate must have positive reputation and have 0 warning level.
  • You can only nominate one member per year. Multiple entries will be ignored.
  • The nominee should not be a STAFF member or an Administrator.

Please do not post in this thread unless you're nominating someone.
Keep the following format when nominated to let things stay clean.
[color=#00BFFF][b]Username: [/b][/color]Type username here.
[color=#00BFFF][b]Profile link: [/b][/color]Link to user's profile.
[color=#00BFFF][b]Why do they deserve to be nominated?: [/b][/color]Type your reasons here.

Example Submission Wrote:Username: Archiver
Profile link:
Why do they deserve to be nominated?: Continuous support behind the scenes and....
Note: Submissions with reasons such as "Check user's profile", will be discarded and ignored.

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