I'm still here
Hi Ubers.

Please excuse my rather cheesy and emotional post here.

Just wanted to acknowledge finally how much Ubers meant to me, and still does, in a way.

After years of discontinuity I find myself returning occasionally - perhaps in delusion - to bask in the (now, sadly) uninhabited environment of a forum that
was once my browser's default website.

I remember running home from high-school excited to read every new thread (those bolded characters of an unread thread title were nothing short of intoxicating) and tutorial posted.

New comments on my threads were on a different level altogether!

Unlike the overly popular alternatives today, one of the best things about Ubers in my opinion was that we were a small, tight-knit digital village who knew each other's personalities and characteristics distinctively.
We knew the quality of one of another, and we dealt with outsiders as a unit, and with haste; it's amazing how we had, back then, something that I see lacking today, even in enterprises.

I recall much, and I doubt the members I have in mind don't get twinkling flashbacks every now and then.

Ubers may as well have been a long, good dream of mine in that everything surrounding it - including people and events - seem to have been encapsulated in the span of time that it was active.
Everything sort of sunk, at one point, altogether...

But I'm grateful that I got to participate in something hitherto unreplaced, and dare I say irreplaceable :D  Something which, thinking back to it today was an enlightening and adventurous experience! One that I am honoured to have lived through. I'm serious haha.

Btw I legitimately have a point or two in my CV relating to Ubers, and I've been asked about it in interviews Wink 

PS: Post something every now and then, if you can, ya donuts. :) 

Thanks all, thanks Ubers. Peace.

I can totally relate with your post. I look back with complete melancholy, Ubers was something I have never managed to experience with any other board, or any thing for that matter.

You are so right. We were like a family, and to this day I still think about each and every member from time to time. I don't poke my head around here a lot, unfortunately. However I can never fully forget what we once had, and what (to a degree) we still have here.
Mad props to Socks for maintaining vigilante so we all still have a chance to come together, share our stories, and rejoice what we once had. There are times where I really wish Crazy hadn't given up Ubers, or at least passed on the scepter so it could have lived on.
I've tried contacting crazy over the years but to no avail. It seems he's dropped off the face of the earth. However I really hope wherever he is, he's happy and healthy. I am forever grateful that he gave us the platform to communicate, grow and learn. It really felt like home, didn't it?

I loved every little bit of it. Through all ups and downs, Ubers was there for me. Sometimes I really wonder where I had gone in life if I hadn't been a part of UB. It is now many years later and it feels like a different timeline. I'm glad we have VT so it all can't be forgotten!

And yeah, I got a point about UB on my CV too! Haha. It was only brought up once, and I believe it was a positive influence. It also helped me get the odd moderation gig as well, but like I said it never was the same. I doubt we'll ever have anything like it again.

FWIW, I'm really happy all of you are still around and pop in from time to time. I hope those memories never fade into the past. They are some of my most treasured memories!

I wish nothing but the best for all of you. You deserve it!
I miss Ubers a heck of alot, as you both say, we were a very close and tightly knit group who knew most things about one another and we had a great time maintaining the forum and posting on it.
I remember religiously waking up every morning and checking UB, and to this day I will never feel the achievement on the day I heard from crazy4cs about getting 'Guard' status on the forum, that was a feeling I can remember like it was yesterday....Sad I know.
We all clubbed together to make the forum better every day, and we had a wholesome community on there, I can easily list off names of all our main members.
I'm glad Evil, Albus, Baredee managed to keep VT alive until today!
Just want to let you all know, no matter how quiet it gets, I'm always thinking of you as this had been a big part of my life and I shall cherish that forever.
Banana loves you all.

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