How I choose a IDE / Editor
How do I choose a IDE / EDITOR?

Finding and choosing a IDE / EDITOR can be quite hard, and especially if you are new or have less exprience.
In my opinion there is no "BEST" IDE what some people do say but there are better IDE's for specific tasks than others.
In this thread I will tell you how to find your IDE for you task and what my opinions are on what jobs. 

Alert: In this thread I mean IDE / Editor a IDE since IDE / Editor looks weird.

What is diffrence between a IDE / EDITOR?
I have heard this in the past, people that do not know what the diffrence is between a IDE and Editor.
But there is always one way how I tell people the diffrence between those 2, and that is Notepad++ is a editor and a IDE is like Microsoft Visual Studio.
And the most people get it than but some have issue with understanding that so than Ill get to the next point.

Editor: Is basicly just a text editor that supports programming language highlighting and sometimes auto complete
IDE: Is a integrated development environment that has all the tools you need to build something. It can compile, debug, highlight your code etc

How to find one?
Maybe you heard of it but google is the way to go to find any IDE / EDITOR. 
The only thing is you need to know wich one to download and where to look at.
First you need to make sure the IDE does support your language Wink and than you need
to make sure it has a couple points that are in my eyes very important.
But for that part read furthur...

How to select your IDE?
Everyone has own recuirements to a IDE / Editor that can depend on exprience and needs.
But in my eyes I have here a little list that is good to make sure:
  • Clean UI
  • Auto Complete
  • Customizable Settings ( Tabs, Spaces, Font, etc )
  • Other Lanuage Support ( Sometimes IDE / Editors Support more than you need, It can fit you later in your journey )

My prefs for IDEs

PHPStorm ~ General website development (PHP,HTML,CSS,SASS...)
Eclipse ~ Java development
Intellij ~ Java development and same interface as PHPStorm Heart
Brackets ~ Website Frontend ( Great for CSS/HTML/JS )
Microsoft Visual Studio ~ My opinion one of the nicest IDEs ( .NET,Node.JS,Python )
Sublime ~ A nice editor not used it but good for web development
Notepad++ ~ Everything if it needs to be quick or if you need to edit files from a FTP

I hope people understood this and maybe use this to choose your next Editor / IDE.
I really like CodeLite for Arch. You should check it out if you need a good C++ IDE for Linux. For Windows I use VS.
(07-25-2016, 04:23 PM)Jurij Wrote: I really like CodeLite for Arch. You should check it out if you need a good C++ IDE for Linux. For Windows I use VS.

I do not have any expierence with Linux IDE / Editors, also I personally don't do C++. And VS a great piece of software
Nice list you have there, I personally use Notepad++ and Visual Studio 2013, both very handy and useful IDE's / Editors.
Sometime I might try out the others as suggested. :)

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