Anyone else hate reddit?
Hate may be a bit of a strong word. I just generally dislike it, but continue to use it as a source of content since forums seem to be less populated these days.

The niche communities are excellent for finding a dedicated community on specific topics, but if you want to have a technical discussion it has been my experience that it's more of a crapshoot as to whether or not the community will actively engage with you. On obscure boards you used to be able to always count on a response from someone like @mothered who either had direct knowledge on a topic, or would be able to direct a few others with that knowledge to the thread. With reddit it seems like you're more likely to be ignored than engaged with.
Quote:The niche communities are excellent for finding a dedicated community
Reddit is one of my go-to product-research sites when I'm buying a new toy for exactly this reason. You have people who are aggressively passionate about specific areas, and that tends to offer some good insight on what I need to know.

But like you say, unlike closed-community fora, kinda like what ubers was, Reddit seems to be more about the knowledge, and less about the members? Still, I imagine if you spend long enough on a subreddit, you'll start to get familiar with some names.

I use reddit as needed and am not really an active member on there. Ah, mothered! "The security is there, but for how long."

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